Youth Football Sessions (16+)

Our youth football sessions take place every week, we now have two teams established NW5 Youth Team and NW5 Project. Both teams are apart of a 7 a side competitive men's league that takes place every Monday and Wednesday at Haverstock School with Powerplay, between 6:00-9:00pm.

This programme started from conversations especially through our youth employment programme and conversations hearing from young people about nothing to do and how much they miss playing 'fun, friendly' football. All our teams have been highly successful with players winning and we've won the league at least three times, with some individual players being recognised through their performances with Player of the Tournament and Top Goal scorers. Last season we finished 1st in both leagues with two of our players recieving the title ' Top goal Scorers' and 'Player's of the season' Congratulations to Kian Morgan-Sullman and Ellis Irish.

If you're keen to find out more or would like to trial for our team please contact Sharley on 07825146433 as to join is through invite only.

We're looking for local sponsors/ donators to help support with this programme and help pay the football fee's as both teams are currently unfunded but are working with a group of very talented young men, where opportunities have occured through meeting other players and members of our community. If you're able to support please do get in touch or donate through our donation page.