Islip Play Street

We are so happy to be able to support Play Street on Islip street which starts on Saturday 9th Feb and will continue on the second Saturday of every month from then on!

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states Play is fundamental.

The Convention recognises that free play is not an optional extra for children: it is fundamental to their physical, social, mental and emotional development and intrinsic to their health and happiness in the present moment. As such, play relates closely to many of the other important articles in the Convention. Play can and should happen in many places, the main ones being home, school and free play outdoors. We think this should include the streets and places close to where children live.

The right to play out.

However, in the UK and many other countries, time, space and opportunities for outside free play and playing out have actually been declining for many decades, largely due to increases in traffic 

Come down and enjoy the chance to chat with friends/ neighbours and the community while your child/children play freely.