Being a youth worker is such a rewarding job. I get to work with amazing young people helping them grow and thrive. Seeing them achieve their goals is incredibly fulfilling. Every day is different and exciting, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. I’m passionate about creating a positive environment for everyone in this community.

Before working at the nw5 project I was working in a warehouse job which I hated and saw no future in. But then I spoke with sharley about it and she gave me the opportunity to come and work at nw5. At first I was unsure, but then she told me about the different opportunities and ways to progress as a youth/ play worker and then I was sold.

Working here the past 2 years has helped me progress in life and as a person as I have achieved many qualifications that can help me in the future. Starting at nw5 it was nothing like I expected, coming in I was nervous and barely knew anyone, to now 3 years later getting along with all the staff and engaging with many young people.

Working at nw5 has allowed me to continue playing for the youth football team which is something I love doing as I play football a lot. I feel It’s good for me and the young people as some of them look up to me as a good role model and also because I am one of the oldest on the team.

I’ve currently just completed a Level 2 youth worker course and have enrolled on to a level 3 Diploma. I’m also just finishing an NVQ level 3 in play work, I’ve wanted to complete these courses to help support me become more of a senior member of staff and take on some more responsibilities and Sharley and Nw5 has given me these opportunities to progress further.

I also would like to give a shoutout to my boss Sharley, as she has been the biggest support in helping me achieve some of my goals as a youth worker and giving me all of these opportunities to progress further.

By Harry, Trainee Senior Worker.