NW5 football has been great especially recently. At the moment we are currently competing in two 7 aside leagues both on Monday and Wednesdays at Haverstock school with Powerplay.

We recently won the 6 aside league at Fleet school however it wasn’t very difficult as there wasn’t many teams competing in that league therefore we got moved over too the 7 aside league on a Wednesday at Haverstock.

We have a couple new additions with Amine returning back in goal on Mondays and currently filling in on the Wednesdays too. Another player is Isaiah who plays on the Wednesday 7 aside team and made a good start joining the team!

At this moment in time we are top of the Wednesday league and 2nd in the Monday league, so we are doing pretty well. Everyone is enjoying playing football with nw5 and the team and we’ve been having a lot of fun trying to score as many goals as we can and trying to actually win games too.

Jayden keeps trying to score a bicycle kick it only been two years of attempting it, when will he learn? Hopefully soon Jayden!

We will keep you updated more on our new NW5 football Instagram page : @NW5iversyt go give us a follow!

Also, we have a new formed under 16s team who will be competing at Corams Fields Camden Youth Cup! Quite a few new faces so keep an eye out for a post coming soon introducing the new team and their new kit!



By Nathan,
Trainee Playworker and NW5 Football Team Captain